Join us Saturday June 1st, 2019

Simultaneous Human IMPEACH Banners in Ocean Beach, San Francisco and Ocean Beach, San Diego.


On Saturday June 1, 2019 hundreds of individuals came together on sands of Ocean Beach San Fransisco and Ocean Beach San Diego to send a message to IMPEACH!

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Human Banner Central

Mike inspired by the Woman's March and the Resistance movement took on the challenge and within 3 weeks, on March 4th 2017 successfully organized 2 human banners. Resist and Impeach.

In order to accomplish the event he worked with Brad Newsham and was further inspired by his story.

When he saw Brad had planned another human banner for April 2018 in San Francisco to Get Out the Vote, Mike jumped at the chance to create a banner simultaneously in San Diego.

Mike created this website and Facebook page to share past and human banners efforts.

Saturday April 21, 2018



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Thank you

Thank you to Dave Ish and Club Lemeno for providing valuable Texting Services to keep our human fonts up to date for the San Diego events.

Thank you to Indivisible San Diego and San Francisco for their support.

Thank you to the O.B. Rag in San Diego for the coverage and moral support.

San Diego - Saturday April 21, 2018

San Francisco - Saturday April 21, 2018


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The Beginning


Brad Newsham

Zombie Times


In October 2006, Brad Newsham threw himself into the movement to impeach US President George Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney.  Many Americans, including Newsham, passionately believe that the Bush administration should be held accountable for its misconduct in office.

Early on the clear, calm morning of January 6, 2007 Newsham and a crew of volunteers outlined the message "IMPEACH!" in 100-foot letters that stretched for 400 feet across the sands of San Francisco's Ocean Beach.

This was just the first of many  human banner organized by Brad Newsham.